Where’s A Hero When You Need One

I let you hurt me again, and againAsk myself “when does the nightmare end”The walls are caving all aroundI call out, no one hears a soundReaching out, screamingIs there a prince somewhereA hero and his noble steedI’m locked here in this towerWhere not a soul can seeIf I jumped off this window ledgeWould someone bury […]


I’m here to be honestTo open myself to showThe scars that have healed nowThese things you ought to knowYou broke me downYou broke me hardI spent a long time just falling apartYou were stuck in my headYou were stuck in my heart I figured things outThe way things need to beI took time to myselfTime […]

Beauty and Kindness

Put on that mask Hide your real face Your beauty won’t last All that pretty will fade You’re not what they want When will you realize You’re not good enough, girl Would you open your damn eyes Green, not like emerald or jade Green just like sea glass The colour grows more dim Like the […]

A quick note.

I’ve been stuck in my head a lot lately and going through something, I can’t totally decide what it is and I know that sounds insane. I can’t manage to really get my thoughts out right now but I swear for the few that follow and enjoy this page, there will be more content coming […]

Thoughts I Need To Vacate

Please, please come Help me take it all away Everything has turned around The whole world is upside down I thought I crashed and burned Turns out I needed time to learn Space to breathe To sleep on feelings that could have been had Unsure what was real What was all a dream The night […]

All the Words You Never Say

When there’s tears in her eyes From a fight that you had You refuse to be wrong You both got so mad What words do you use What are you supposed to say What is your plan, boy To take away all the pain What is it you want If you don’t see eye to […]

Wheelbarrow of Lies

It’s been a long time coming I just thought that you should know Take your wheelbarrow full of lies It’s now time for you to go What we shared was just a moment Fleeting as it passed Something I have learned Moments just don’t last The memory of you remains inside my soul It’s time […]

Somewhere Inside My Head

I know that I should be in bed But here I am awake Lost somewhere inside my head Thoughts that make me shiver Here in this place so alone Lost in thoughts so deep This place became my home I wander through valleys In the shallows of my mind Lost inside this place, where there […]

The Hurt You Feel

There’s tears in your eyes So many nights that you have cried You wouldn’t have me there To help you dry your eyes There’s no denying, I can see why I’m the one that put them there I’m the one that caused your tears I wish that I could fix you Take back the hurt […]

Broken Hearts

So many things replay in my headLike scenes from a movieI can’t shake this feelingUndo the things we didWords we shared, kisses stolenI left you then, alone and brokenI need some time, these words need spokenBreaking up, I’m breaking downMy whole life you were aroundBut I think it’s time, moving on down the lineFind myself […]